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Monday, 27 October 2014

When someone loves you You feel safe and comfortable ツ

ツ When Someone Love You 
ツ When someone loves you,
 the way they talk about you is different. 
You feel safe and comfortable.  ღ

    ღ Relationship ღ              ღ Couple Kissing

Anne Hathaway is outstanding at the Interstellar premiere in Hollywood

Everyone has been bitching for quite some time about the state of Anne Hathaway with that dreadful short hair. 

When she's not done up for the red carpet, complete with figure flattering silky gowns like this one and most certainly when she doesn't have makeup on, the shorter haired Hathaway was looking a bedraggled mess. Sadly, even her famous bosom suffered during these times, outside of that one vacation she went on where she mainly covered them up in that rash guard.

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New York captures Emma Stone's conservatively sexy appearance

Well, now that Emma Stone has totally bitten the dust in the latest Spider-man movie (spoiler alert?), she now has the chance to move on to bigger and better things, one of which is a show on Broadway called CABARET.

While I'm really happy for Emma doing something different and new where she'll be able to act in a totally different field, I'm just more excited over the fact that I'm pretty much going to know where she is. Like, I know for a fact that she'll be onstage Friday nights at 8:00 PM. But, I'm not gonna take that to my creepy advantage. I promise… 

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I sure do want to keep in touch with hottie Bar Refaeli

I pick up my computer and throw it as hard as I can on the ground just because I can't believe how hot she is. Sure, it's cost me a lot of money and I've gone through a lot of computers, but she's just one model that I never want to go away. The In Touch awards would appear to feel that way, too (well, maybe without the whole crashing-your-computer-on-the-ground thing) by bestowing upon her the honor of the International Model Award. While I'm really proud of her for doing this, I really can't stand the word "international." 

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Barbara Palvin is looking crazy hot for the Crazy Skull watch launch

Well, now we have her looking totally classy and elegant and I gotta say I'm liking what I'm seeing. A lot. Here she is at something called the De Grisogono "Crazy Skull" Watch Launch, which took place in Paris, which is just a nice way of saying it was the release of a bunch of watches that you or I could never purchase in, like, a million years. It's alright, though. I'm not interested in the watches. I have a cell phone and a microwave. Those are all the things I need to tell me what time it is. Anyway,

Kaley Cuoco breaks us off some more of that spandex booty

Once again we got Kaley Cuoco, that big titty hottie from that show we love to hate, proving to be a far better sweet ass owner in her tight spandex after some high intensity yoga.

I was recently cajoled by my girlfriend into participating in a yoga session, against my will mind you. It was only after she alluded to the possibility of withheld sexual favors that I was finally dragged into that place. And as I suspected, the whole thing was ridiculous and goofy. I've rarely felt more out of place and uncomfortable. It's just not the sort of thing folks built like linebackers should be doing. I'm going to stick with the lifting of heavy things where workouts are concerned. The only yoga that concerns me now is that which hotties like Kaley participate in. She seems to get a lot out of it. I sure do get a lot out of Kaley coming out of her workouts, sporting the camel toe and rounded tush in the spandex. I know she gets a lot of attention for her tits, but I'm all about dat ass. 

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Maria Menounos and her massive ass go mingling

Good god woman. How does Maria Menounos not get that big, beautiful butt felt up and squeezed at every turn.

How does Maria Menounos not get that big, beautiful butt felt up and squeezed at every turn, especially while enveloped by a crowd of douchey looking dudes like those mingling about at this E! channel party. Even more dangerous to her dignity is the distinct impression that Maria was in especially high spirits at this gathering, which is to say that she looks high on various spirits as she makes her way around the party wearing one of her patented ass dresses. I hope she was on guard against leather jacket guy, who seemed to be actively pursuing her. 

I don't know who that is, but he definitely looks like the sort of dude who's filled more than one woman with pangs of regret in the bright morning sunlight as she does her best to sneak out of the apartment with what remains of any self respect she had the night before. 

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Taylor Swift gives it all she's got for the Kimmel crowd

I'm used to her being an asexual annoyance, cashing in big time as the sympathetic outlet for forlorn young women with relationship bullshit. Lately though, it seems Taylor has decided to do away with the asexual bit and drop a heavy helping of sexy into her routine. The effect is still less impressive than some of her more established sisters like Katy Perry and others, who have been playing up their sexy for some time now. Taylor isn't exactly working with the same sort of proportions as those other hotties, but I have to give respect were respect is due. Girl does have a mighty impressive set of gams on her.

Danai Gurira takes Michonne to the sexy side for Esquire

Bravo, Esquire magazine. While you continue to highlight women of a limited degree of white or whiter on your covers and main photo shoot layouts.

you're at least catching on to the hip hotness of "The Walking Dead" fan favorite, Michonne, in the form of dark skinned goddess, Danai Gurira. Gurira goes beyond what is most "acceptable" in terms of a black woman in Hollywood, by not only having a darker skin color than most but also by keeping her hair short and natural and not going out for most of the red carpet events in ridiculously scant clothing. 

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Hottie Clip of the Day: Alison Brie

It seems like all week long I've been presenting you with clips from terrible movies you've probably never seen, or have seen but don't remember, and that's not changing today with this clip from NOT ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL SHOW. I don't even know what network produced this series, which is obviously something of a spin-off of NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. All I know is it was filmed in 2007, and it didn't last very long, and you'll understand why once you watch these select scenes. 

Carmen Electra pours the vodka and turns into Katy Perry

I know I can't be the only one to think that it's amusing that Carmen Electa's birth name

Tara Patrick, is the same as famous porn star Tera Patrick (who only changed the spelling from an A to an E after 2000). Electra certainly doesn't seem all that much more above taking her clothes off and having sex on camera for money. Especially after catching the 42-year old in a cheesy Katy Perry costume as a part of her photoshoot for Svedka Vodka. Carmen has been well-known for her Halloween costumes over the years but COME ON. Eventually you have to try something less juvenile while fishing for media attention, right? Then again... I am the one giving her precisely what she wants. Bigger shame on me, I suppose. 

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I could never tire of Genevieve Morton in a bikini

Get it? You know, because Genevieve Morton is doing this Bridgestone promo thing and Bridgestone makes tires. So I never tire of Genevieve. Heh. Yeah... 

Anyway, as you can see my favorite of the many current SI Swimsuit regulars has done another beach photo shoot, though this time it's some sort of promo for the South African subsidiary of the Bridgestone company. Not sure why they're hiring all sorts of models like Genevieve and putting them in bikinis on beaches. Not really the sort of thing you associate with tire companies. I wont question their wise decision to hire Genevieve to go so what she does best for her native land. As far as I'm concerned, there's never a bad excuse to get Genevieve into something tiny and wet. It is pretty good marketing, that's for sure. I'd probably be a bit more inspired to buy a set of tires if Genevieve and her tits were promoting them. 

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