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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Queen is a must-watch


Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkumar Rao, Lisa Hayden 

Director: Vikas Bahl 

Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended4 Star Rating: Recommended4 Star Rating: Recommended4 Star Rating: Recommended 

The film is amazing. That much you can see from the rating. The 'Queen' in the movie, the heroine looks anything but. She looks like your typical girl next door. 

The story goes like this. Rani comes from Delhi's Rajouri Garden area. Her father's owns a sweet shop and quoting his friend in the movie, Rani 'bitiya' is pretty sweet. But in her own words, Rani's always been a good girl, listening to everyone but she's never been able to do anything for herself or etch a real place in the world for herself. 

Rani falls in love with Rajesh. And he does everything within his power to show her he loves her too. Soon arrives the 'Rani weds Rajesh' moment. But Rajesh is now a U.K. return and that the reason behind his new-found 'modernity'. This is why he feels Rani's no long 'his type'. And he decided not to marry her right two days before the scheduled wedding. Understandably, Rani's crushed to bits. The tears soon dry, and morning comes. She opens the packed 'shaadhi' laddoos, and while eating them is when she decides that she'll continue her honeymoon trip to Paris and Amsterdam, even if it's just her alone. 

Her concerned parents give her the go-ahead thinking this way she'll get to cope with, and nurse a broken heart. She reaches Paris, and after a bumpy ride, soon succumbs to the charm of the place and allows herself to laugh and smile. This is where she meets another Indian girl named Vijaylakshmi. 

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Vijaylakshmi works in a hotel to support her son she has outside of wedlock. Rani learns a lot from her, most importantly how to be happy. Rani then flies off to Amsterdam, and happens to come across Rajesh. Seeing her like this now, Rajesh soon regrets his decision of leaving her. He soon enters his 'Devdas' mode and sets out to win his 'Queen' back. But will Rani abruptly leave the new life she's discovered and go back to Rajouri with the man who stranded her two days before the wedding? The movie poses this question quite subtly. 

Kangana has a done fabulous job playing Rani. She has let her fans and audience know that she means business and is here to be taken seriously. Her portrayal of a girl without makeup, and in Lajpat Nagar jeans - in which she feels comletely out of place the first time she wears them - is more a story of a girl coming of age. Before the movie's over, you realise you're in love with Rani. Rajkumar Rao has also done a great job, and so has Lisa. 

One can see that director Vikas Bahl has left no scope for a scene to be made better. Each scene is already perfectly scripted and shot. Amit Triveid's music constantly reminds you of Dev. D's music.All in all, a brilliant package. 

I highly recommend this movie. This film is the kind that'll work to make you a better human being, minus the lecture. Do watch!

Katy Perry acts as meteorologist on Australian morning show

Singer Katy Perry sure does have a number of tricks up her sleeves. 

The 29-year-old pop star surprised fans after she stepped into the shoes of a professional meteorologist on the Australian morning TV show "Sunrise". 

However, the "Hot 'n' Cold" singer did not do a great job giving out the forecast for Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne as well as the city of Hobart, which by the way she referred to as "Hogwarts." 

Also, Katy made the flub of saying Fahrenheit when Australian temperature is measured in Celsius. 
Guess Katy has now realized that she is better off sticking to her original profession, isn't it?

Princess Diana tricked Oprah Winfrey

Britain's Princess Diana tricked Oprah Winfrey by letting her eat a high-calorie meal !!!

The late princess, who died in a car crash in Paris, France in 1997, met with the talk show host for lunch many years ago and 'pulled a fast one' by eating a low-calorie dish, while Oprah, who has struggled with her weight over the years, was served a full-fat mousse. 

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