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Friday, 3 January 2014

Sonakshi Sinha, Shahid Kapoor finally dating?

Believe it while you can. R... Rajkumar co-stars Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor are reportedly in love, love that followed them outside the movie sets of their latest film. 

According to reports, the two remained in touch even after the movie finished, and buzz is that they're not just dating but are in 'love'. 

While Shahid was last rumoured to have been dating Kareena Kapoor, then Vidya Balan, and finally Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi was last reported to have been dating her 'Lootera' co-star Ranveer Singh. 

Let's see where this leads them.

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Love birds Uday Chopra, Nargis Fakhri vacation in Maldives

Celebrities seem to love any amount of time spent near the beach. Bollywood, for sure, can't get enough of the Maldives since after Deepika Padukone and Sridevi, couple-in-love Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri reportedly stopped at the hot party destination this New Year. 

What's interesting to note is that the two haven't made it officially known yet that they're dating. 

In the picture that's gone viral, the two can be seen standing under a shade. Uday looks his usual serious self, while Nargis, donning a black two-piece, is looking at the sand. 

The new year's finally here and us folk are wondering if the two will tie the knot. Time'll decide.

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20 gadgets that changed the world

20 gadgets that changed the world

Game-changing tech 

Judging by Apple's recent job postings and trademark filings, it seems inevitable that the company is planning to launch an iWatch in the near future. When it does arrive, it'll join a host of new and exciting technology, including 4K television sets, bendable mobile phone screens and more - but will it have the same dramatic impact as the iPod, iPhone and iPad did? We've gathered together a gallery of some of the very best gadgets that really did change the world. Each one of these technological innovations has ensured its place in history by transforming the way we live our lives and communicate with each other - from the Morse code-powered telegraph machine to the smartphone, there's a lot of pioneering technology to explore. 

The Personal Computer 

The Game Boy, with a little help from an obscure game called Tetris, proved that hand-held gaming could work. Up until the Game Boy's release in 1989, companies had been frustrated in their attempts to get us all gaming on the move. Despite stiff contemporary competition from the likes of the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear (both boasting colour screens, no less), the Game Boy came to dominate the market. Together with its successor, the Game Boy Colour, it went on to sell over 188 million units worldwide. Hand-held gaming is enjoying something of a renaissance, thanks to the capabilities of the mobile smartphones we all carry around with us now and titles such as Angry Birds, but the Game Boy was the true pioneer, and is one of Nintendo's biggest ever successes. It also proved that long battery life, ease of use and gameplay can win out against a straight head-to-head specifications comparison

The World's Rich Got Richer in 2013 Than You Will Ever Be

The combined net worth of the richest people in the world climbed $524 billion in 2013 — enough to give everyone on the planet about $73, and an amount far more than you will ever see in your entire life. 

The figures come from Bloomberg's "Billionaires" list, a daily index of the fluctuations of the net worths of the richest people in the world. And they do fluctuate: Saudi Arabia's Alwaleed al Saud, the richest man in the Middle East, lost $140 million in value between December 30 and 31st. But overall, 2013 was a very, very good year for the richest people in the world, whose combined net worth rose to $3.7 trillion. (Alwaleed closed out the year with a healthy $32.4 billion in assets.)  See More : The World's Rich Got Richer in 2013 Than You Will Ever Be...

Happy New Year From 450,000 Fireworks and Dubai

Happy New Year 2014 From 450,000 Fireworks and Dubai 

Dubai rang in the new year by basically exploding, setting a Guinness World Record for the largest fireworks display with 450,000 fireworks over six minutes. That trounced Kuwait's previous record of 77,000, set in October 2012, and made Kuwait's new year begin on a real loser note.  See More Here Dubai Great Happy New year Show..

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