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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Avril Lavigne Says She Wants To Stay Young Forever

Since her debut at the age of 17, Avril Lavigne has put out four studio albums and even dabbled in some acting. The singer has been married once and later went through a fairly painful and public divorce. Now she's in a solid, stable relationship with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, and has had plenty of life experience, yet the 28-year-old believes she would rather remain forever youthful. 

In fact’s she’s even put out a brand new single discussing that very topic as a lead-in to her fifth studio album. The single is called “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” and the singer recently spoke to MTV to explain what the song she and fiancĂ©e Kroeger co-wrote is really about. 

"It's pop rock, up-tempo. It's a fun song; it's about wanting to be young forever. Doesn't matter what age you are; it's all about your spirit, state of mind. And I know I certainly don't want to grow up, so there are more songs on the record like this."

Pop rock and up-tempo music is pretty signature for Lavigne, who has often written songs about youthful romances and problems in relationships. It’s interesting that instead of writing a song like One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young,” which tackles a fun night out, Lavigne is singing more about hitting an age where she doesn’t want to change her mentality, even though she is getting older. That’s a pretty adult take on a youthful mentality, and Pop Blend certainly hopes it works out for the singer. 

We'll let you know when Lavigne announces exactly when her fifth studio album will drop. 

Amanda Seyfried & Colin Farrell: 'Epic' New York Premiere!

Amanda Seyfried keeps it red hot while attending the premiere of her new film Epic held at The Ziegfeld Theatre on Saturday (May 18) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Colin Farrell, Jason Sudeikis, Aziz Ansari, and Chris O’Dowd.

It was recently announced that Amanda will star in the upcoming flick Z For Zachariah, which centers on “a teenaged girl (Seyfried) who is seemingly the sole survivor until a scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) finds her farm, and the two fall in love. Another survivor, a young man (Chris Pine), surfaces, complicating matters.”

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Seating Plan Heats Up Billboard Awards Buzz

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s seating arrangements at this Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards can now be added to the numerous red flags pointing to their likely coupledom.
Seconds after Omg! Insider executive producer Brad Bessey tweeted a seating plan clearly showing Bieber and Gomez will sit next to each other at the event, the news rippled through the web like oil on butter.

Along with the seating snap, Bessey trilled:
“U wanted proof @justinbieber & @selenagomez @billboard seats r 2gether? Here u go! @omgInsider #omginsider.”
All of this comes after the Spring Breakers actress affirmed her singleton status at a radio show last Friday, but days later was seen driving away from Bieber’s L.A. home within 24 hours of his post-touring return to the States.
In addition, earlier this week, a source told E! News that the pair paid a visit to celeb hot spot Supperclub on Tuesday, May 14. Reportedly, Bieber and Gomez held hands and danced inside the club for the brief 45 minutes they were there.
The question of whether they will go public — if indeed, they are a couple — at the awards has added major frisson to an already highly anticipated show, and joins the five other crucial questions Idolator’s marvelous Carl Williot lists here.
Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are They Or Aren't They?

It’s going to be quite the throwdown. As well as a double dose of Bieber — who is set to perform “#thatPOWER” with will.i.am and a solo “Take you” — Gomez will get her Bollywood-lite routine on for “Come and Get It.”
Among others, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Miguel, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Lil Wayne with Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera with Pitbull and “special guest,” plus Jennifer Lopez with Pitbull (again) and David Guetta with Ne-Yo and Akon are also performing on the night.
Tracy Morgan hosting, a very probable ripe acceptance speech from Madonna when she grips her Top Touring Artist Award, copious shout-outs to God from winners and plenty of absolutely gratuitous camera shots of Bieber and Gomez, are just some of the things we can reasonably anticipate on the show’s menu.
Did we mention Prince will be in the building? Yes, the Purple One himself will be taking to the stage and will also receive Billboard’s Icon Award during the show.
The 2013 Billboard Music Awards airs live on ABC from Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday, May 19 at 8 pm ET.
Will you be watching?

Liverpool vs. QPR: Premier League Live Score, Highlights, Recap


Live Premier League coverage
Liverpool vs. QPR
Kickoff: Sunday May 19, 4:00 p.m. (UK)/11:00 a.m. (ET)
Hello again, football fans. For the final time this season, welcome to another round of live Premier League action here on Bleacher Report.
This time, we bring you the match from Anfield between Liverpool and Queens Park Rangers. There's only one real storyline here, that of the final match of legendary defender Jamie Carragher before his retirement. The No. 23 will captain Liverpool as he plays his 737th, and final, match for the Reds.
Liverpool will end the season in seventh position, with QPR relegated and likely finishing bottom of the table. But there'll likely be plenty of entertainment and excitement on show on the final day of the Premier League season.
Make sure you join me, your regular commentator, Karl Matchett, for all the team news, buildup and in-game action as we bring the curtain down on Carra's career, beginning around an hour before kickoff. Meanwhile, here's all the latest reading for you:

Kristen Wiig Gives An Admirable Explanation For Not Making Bridesmaids 2

Last week during Saturday Night Live we were reminded of how much we adore Kristen Wiig (as if we could ever forget) and wished she would come back to the show and never leave. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kristen reiterates how “sad” it’s been for her to be off the show, but she also explains her reasoning behind not wanting to make a Bridesmaids sequel. It’s simply wonderful.

When asked about her decision not to participate in a Bridesmaids sequel, despite the pretty much immediate public demand for it, Kristen has some great things to say:

“It wasn’t a hard decision,” she says. “We knew during the first one, this was it. We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that’s not my goal in my creative life.”

I just think that is so swell. I like that she doesn’t bat her eyelashes and say, “Oh, would it have been really successful and made a lot of money? I don’t know, what’s money?” while rolling around in a pile of hundred-dollar bills. There’s no fake modesty involved. She acknowledges that yes, it probably would be really lucrative, because duh. It had a great box office performance and everyone was (and is) obsessed with it. It’s not that Kristen can’t see money, it’s just that it’s not her objective in making career choices, and she wants to move on to different projects.

And to be honest, do we really need a Bridesmaids 2? It was an original screenplay with a clear end. We can get Kristen’s brand of humor and revisit the movie’s cast in future projects with different, fresher storylines. There are plenty of movies that I obsess over, but unless there’s some other source material to adapt or a cliffhanger to address, I’m usually satisfied rewatching the original and following the future careers of those involved.

Kristen has a lot of projects lined up, and I’ll enjoy watching them even more knowing she’s doing them for the right reasons.

Michael Jackson Housekeeper: Witness to Wade Robson Molestation?

A housekeeper who once described seeing Wade Robson in the shower with Michael Jackson may be the key to the former's claims of molestation.
Robson, 30, recently accused Jackson of sexual abuse in a claim against his estate, then defended himself on Today, calling Michael a pedophile.
Wade Robson, Michael Jackson
Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial included a graphic account of MJ showering naked with a young Wade Robson.
Francia described seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the Neverland Ranch shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.
She said she couldn't see exactly what the King of Pop was doing in there because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.
Despite Francia's story, Michael was acquitted - in no small part because Wade himself also testified and insisted Jackson never abused him.
That's the opposite, of course, of what he is claiming now.
Robson is planning to argue that the late icon's companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, had a duty to protect him when he was a young boy.
Because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael - who he says abused him from ages 7-14 - they are liable today.
According to TMZ, Wade wants to use Blanca's 2005 testimony to show Michael abused him, and hope that she will cooperate in his new case as well.
Robson has been hammered by MJ's former attorney Tom Mesereau, as well as Michael's nephew Taj Jackson, his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and others.
Michael's camp says Wade is obviously changing his story now because he's motivated by money, and point to his moving 2005 account - under oath.
Wade says he understands this, but is adamant that he's not lying now.
“I never forgot one moment of what Michael did,” he said. “But I was psychologically unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”
“I lived in silence and denial for 22 years," Robson went on, noting that he suffered nervous breakdowns that nearly ended his career two years ago.
"In order to heal, I have to speak the truth and speak the whole truth."
You tell us: What do you think of Wade Robson's allegations?

Full Feminine Blue

A bright, cobalt blue skirt couldn’t help but stand out from the crowd outside the Alberta Ferretti show during Milan fashion week. Matching to the white lace applique, a white knit layered over a Peter Pan collared shirt kept the look feminine, sweet, and cohesive.

See-Through Electric Blue

Take that title as referring to the sunglasses, or the skirt – it works both ways. And it’s the fact that the two things are in the same family of vibrant blue that really ties the outfit together. A sheer skirt in polka-dotted blue gets a bit of a relaxed working over by way of the round reflective sunglasses and loose-fitting jacket.

Zach Galifianakis quits drinking: The actor tells Conan O'Brien about spit in the face

"Hangover" star Zach Galifianakis has quit drinking, but his reasons for doing so may surprise you. The actor explained the whole situation -- which involves spitting -- on "Conan."

The issue of drinking came up after Conan O'Brien asked if the actor had lost weight and Galifianakis attributed any changes to his recent decision to quit drinking. While there may have been deeper reasons involved with the overall choice, the specific reason is really quite amusing.

It seems that Galifianakis was walking in New York one night after some quality time with whiskey. When a Jaguar cut him off, the actor decided to play "Midnight Cowboy" and slammed his hand into the side of the car. This was apparently a big mistake. The two men -- described as rather large by the comedian -- took offense to this action and came over to literally spit in Galifianakis' face.

"I don't know if you've ever been spit in your face non-sexually ... " the actor said to the great amusement of the audience.

After they left, the actor's response to the spit was to throw an empty beer bottle at the car.

This does seem to be the end of the incident, but it was obviously shocking enough for Galifianakis to decide that booze was not the best choice for him. It's almost too bad though -- alcohol and Galifianakis do tend to produce great stories.

Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth: 'Jimmy P.' Cannes Premiere!

Jennifer Lawrence is stunning while attending the premiere of Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian) during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on Saturday (May 18) in Cannes, France.

The 22-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her Hunger Games: Catching Fire co-stars Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, and director Francis Lawrence.

Earlier in the day, Jennifer and her co-stars promoted Hunger Games: Catching Fire at a photo call at the festival.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Christian Dior drewss, Jimmy Choo shoes, Charlotte Olympia bag, and Chopard jewels.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth attending the Jimmy P. premiere…

Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition Monopoly

Experience the action and excitement of classic Marvel comic books featuring artwork from Marvel’s vast publishing library. Each of the 22 property spaces features a highly valued, iconic comic book cover. Amass the ultimate comic book collection as you buy, sell and trade your way through the Marvel Comics Collector’s Edition of MONOPOLY. Negotiate your way past your peers collecting a multitude of Marvel’s most magnificent and momentous comics of all time. From your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s first ever appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 to the dynamic debut of the first family of superheroes in Fantastic Four #1, your rise to success will depend on the strategic deals you make and the chances you take. ‘Nuff said!

Chevron Didn't Get Bailed Out Like ExxonMobil

As energy producers continue their balancing act between oil and natural gas production, price swings have left two of the industry's biggest producers scratching their heads. For the past few years, low natural gas prices have left these producers looking for more oil. Now, with the price of crude oil falling in the first quarter, it left both ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM  ) and Chevron (NYSE: CVX  )  staring at weaker revenue results from the year before.
Luckily for Exxon, its refining business helped pad margins despite the segments' profits falling 2.6%. Overall, Exxon was able to grow its earnings by $50 million year over year. While that might not sound like a lot, because it's an expert share repurchaser, this represented 6% earnings growth on a per-share basis.
Unfortunately, Chevron wasn't so lucky as its integrated business was affected by downtime at two of its refineries. The company's Richmond, Calif., plant has been down since last August's fire, while the Pascagoula, Miss., plant experienced preannounced maintenance in the quarter. What that meant for Chevron is that as upstream earnings fell from $6.17 billion to $5.52 billion year over year, the problem was compounded as downstream earnings slipped, too, from $804 million to $701 million. Together, this contributed to an earnings drop of about 3% per share.
What we're seeing in the quarter is that Exxon's integrated asset base really helped to bail it out, while Chevron's didn't. That's rather interesting, considering that Exxon has been so vocal about exporting LNG, which would affect the chemicals side of its business.
Sure, Exxon wins either way, but considering that its chemical business fetched 62% more profit year over year for a total haul of $1.1 billion, the company would have been in the same boat as Chevron if it wasn't bailed out by these profits. This is especially true when you factor in that these margins were made possible by low natural gas. With that context, you have to wonder why it's so vocal to export our excess gas.
Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW  ) has taken the opposite argument for exactly this reason. Feedstock costs are at rock-bottom levels because of the natural gas production surge, which has slashed prices. Dow says it and its chemical manufacturing brethren such as Huntsman(NYSE: HUN  ) will create more jobs in the U.S. than if LNG is exported.
Source: Dow Chemical.
Huntsman CEO Peter Huntsman has been just as vocal, saying that increased exports will cause "our nation's natural gas advantage to be stripped and sent overseas to build a new manufacturing base that would otherwise be built here in the U.S." That statement is certainly debatable, as a government study, which, while agreeing that exports would increase the price of natural gas, also noted that exports would be a net positive benefit to our economy. In fact, it sees $47 billion in new economic activity even with unlimited exports.
As the nation's No. 1 natural gas producer, Exxon sees its upstream business gaining far more than its downstream business loses under an increased export scenario. Its thoughts are that while its downstream business might have bailed it out this quarter, higher oil and natural gas prices are what will drive its future profits. That will enable the company to earn more on its current production while also investing to increase production from sources that currently don't have the economic terms that meet its current return criteria. So while its downstream operations bailed it out this quarter, Exxon would much rather see its upstream operations fueling its earnings.

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Google's Inevitable Dividend

Google has close to $50 billion in cash and cash equivalents. As this hoard continues to accumulate, many shareholders are impatient for a dividend. Will Google authorize a dividend? Who knows? But one thing is certain: Google has both the cash and the cash flow to make it happen. 
Tech and dividendsTech and growth were once interchangeable terms. Tech stocks needed every dollar they generated to reinvest into the business. But those days are over. Dividends in the tech sector seem to be the new norm. In 2009, Oracle initiated a dividend, followed by Cisco Systems in 2011 and Dell in 2012. Finally, evenApple joined the Tech Dividend Stocks Club in 2012.
Why are many tech stocks paying out dividends today? It's simple: As their growth trajectories slow, these companies are still raking in loads of cash -- Google included. Just look at the percentage of sales these tech companies are converting to free cash flow:

Source: Morningstar's key ratios for Google, 2012.
Now compare those metrics with some megacap names not in the tech sector:

Source: Morningstar's key ratios for respective companies shown, TTM.
No wonder these tech stocks are paying dividends (all but Google, of course). They're redefining the term "cash cow."
The case for Google's dividendThere's no reason Google couldn't pay a substantial dividend just like some of its peers. It has the characteristics of a prime dividend stock:
  • An annuity-like revenue stream as the owner of the world's largest search and digital ad platforms.
  • Lots of cash (about $50 billion).
  • Very little long-term debt (about $3 billion).
  • Cash cow characteristics (in 2012, Google converted about $0.24 of every dollar of sales into free cash flow).
  • A durable competitive advantage (thanks to its scalable market leadership).
And Google's cash hoard will undoubtedly continue to grow. In the past four years alone, Google has tripled its cash hoard. Even if the past is not indicative of the future, it's simply logical: A fast-growing digital ad market should continue to boost Google's annual cash flow, especially in light of Google's 60% market share of worldwide search.
Furthermore, as Google grows, the company will most likely find fewer meaningful ways to spend its money in meaningful amounts. That will eventually force the board of directors to discuss ways to return more cash to shareholders. And that, of course, is exactly what happened to Apple just over a year ago. Now Apple pays investors $3.05 in dividends per share each quarter.
Is Google next?
As Fool contributor Andrew Tonner said in a recent video, Google probably won't be announcing a dividend anytime soon, naming a dividend's association with a slow-growth image as the primary reason. But on Google's current trajectory, it seems inevitable that the company will return cash to shareholders in the longer term. If I'm wrong? Then you're stuck with a reasonably priced, excellent business that's likely to endure for years.
As one of the most dominant Internet companies ever, Google has made a habit of driving strong returns for its shareholders. However, like many other Web companies, it's also struggling to adapt to an increasingly mobile world. Despite gaining an enviable lead with its Android operating system, the market isn't sold. That's why it's more important than ever to understand each piece of Google's sprawling empire. In The Motley Fool's new premium research report on Google, we break down the risks and potential rewards for Google investors. Simply click here now to unlock your copy of this invaluable resource.
The article Google's Inevitable Dividend originally appeared on Fool.com.
The Death of the PC
The days of paying for costly software upgrades are numbered. The PC will soon be obsolete. And BusinessWeek reports 70% of Americans are already using the technology that will replace it. Merrill Lynch calls it "a $160 billion tsunami." Computing giants including IBM, Yahoo!, and Amazon are racing to be the first to cash in on this PC-killing revolution. Yet, a small group of little-known companies have a huge head start. Get the full details on these companies, and the technology that is destroying the PC, in a free video from The Motley Fool. Enter your email address below to view this stunning video.
Fool contributor Daniel Sparks has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends Apple, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Google, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Starbucks and owns shares of Apple, Google, McDonald's, Oracle, and Starbucks. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days. We Fools don't all hold the same opinions, but we all believe thatconsidering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.
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‘I Won’t Reach Out To Kim Kardashian When She Has Her Baby,’ Says Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be expecting any congratulatory flowers or messages from her ex, Reggie Bush, when she has her baby this summer.

The football star, who dated Kim for three years, was asked by Life & Style if he’d be in touch with the reality star when she becomes a mom.

The simple answer? “No.”

Bush, who became a dad with girlfriend Lilit Avagyan on May 6, added that he’s thinking only about the future.

“I haven’t been worried about anything else or on anything in the past. Just the present and the future,” he said.

“I’ve just been focusing on my little girl and my family. That’s it really. I’ve been enjoying my life and this opportunity. All my focus has been on that.”

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Slammed The Kardashians

Bush also revealed that he didn’t hear from Kim, whose baby daddy Kanye West  is appearing on Saturday Night Live  tonight, or any of her family when his daughter was born.

Zindagi Se Chura ke, Zindagi Me Basa ke Zindgaani Banaya Hai Tujhe : Raaz3 Songs Lyrics & Video

Zindagi se chura ke, zindagi me basa ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe, ruthe rab ko manaa ke
Asmaan ko jhuka ke zindagaani banaya hai tujhe

Tu mila jis tarah saba mile
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukkamal main ho gaya
Tu mial ahi toh faila hi noor sa

Zindagi se chura ke, zindagi me basa ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe

Mehfooz tu mehsoos kar tere pass hoon main sada
Tujhse nahi ho sakta main palbhar bhi ab jooda
Ab sath hain hum is tarah aankhon ke sang palken
Aa waqt ko ye baat hum phir ek baar kehde

Saare gum se chupaake, Har nazar se bacha ke 
Zindagani banaya hai tujhe
Tu mila jis tarah saba mile
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukkamal main ho gaya
Tu mila hai toh Phaila hi noor sa

Baahon me aa ho jayenge shikwe sabhi khud fanaa
Hothon se main tujhko sunoo, aankhon se tu kuch suna
Tu aksh hai main ainaa phir kya hai sochna
Ek doosre me khoke hain, ek doosre ko pana

Is muqaam ko jagaa ke, har jagah ko haraa ke
Zindagaani banaya hai tujhe
Tu mila jis tarah saba mile
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile

Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukkamal main ho gaya
Tu mial ahi toh faila hi noor sa