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Friday, 28 February 2014

Shaadi Ke Side Effects movie review: Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan charm with their parenthood woes!

Shaadi Ke Side Effects movie review:

Saket Chaudhary’s hilarious take on the dilemmas of being a parent (read: father) has two contradictory effects on the viewers. While the amazingly entertaining and crisp first half makes you cheerful, the clumsy second half leaves you with a nausea that comes from being pregnant! 
If you are a fourth grader and above, you wouldn’t have a difficulty figuring out what Saket Chaudhary’s Shaadi Ke Side Effects is all about. Isn’t the title self-explanatory? Now that I have watched Read More...

Shailene Woodley is an adorable flower child in Bust magazine !

Shailene Woodley is an adorable flower child !

As the ad campaign for DIVERGENT amps up, studios definitely pinning their hopes on this adapted YA book series being the next TWILIGHT moneymaker, we're seeing a lot more of its star Shailene Woodley all over the place. This time it's in the current issue of Bust magazine, which is going for that bohemian look and feel with its photoshoot of Woodley, highlighting the actress' shorn locks (the history behind which coincide with her other big adapted role this year, that in Read More...

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Full Biography

Marissa Ann Mayer (pronounced /ˈmaɪər/;) is the current President and CEO of Yahoo! since July 2012. Previously, she was a long-time executive and key spokesperson for Google. Mayer was ranked eighth on the list of America's most powerful businesswomen of 2013 by Fortune magazine. 
Mayer joined Google in 1999 as employee number 20 and was the company's first female engineer. During her 13 years with the company, she was an engineer, designer, product manager and executive. Read More ... Marissa Mayer Full Detail