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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Annabelle Wallis is the non-scary, totally cute star of Annabelle

how eerie is it that Annabelle Wallis shares the same name with the titicular horror movie doll, ANNABELLE? Whether this was the intention of the filmmakers when they cast Wallis, I'm sure it won't matter to the masses of young women who are actually frightened by these ghostly, possession based freakfests. More scary to me are the gigantic teeth on her co-star, Ward Horton.

Elizabeth Banks is pretty in pastels for LA's Promise Gala

 Elizabeth Banks looked positively lovely at LA's Promise Gala on Tuesday night

good idea to put in some time at a charity event. Elizabeth Banks looked positively lovely at LA's Promise Gala on Tuesday night, cleaning up her act before she's called upon to dig into her naughty girl bag of tricks that she's been so good at plying over the years (I'm often torn between Banks as Beth in THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN or Lindsay in WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER). Looking past the man meat sequel, don't forget that Lizzy has taken on the director role for the PITCH PERFECT sequel due out in May of next year (be prepared for some NEIGHBORS box office numbers, me thinks).

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Summer Glau entertains Canadian fanboys with her baby b...

 The celebrity baby boom year, perhaps to make up for all of the devastating celebrity deaths that we've gone through.

While she still looks as sensational as always, Summer Glau was sporting her belly button as an outie while doing press work at the 2014 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. There has been no official announcement thus far, but reports from those in attendance at the Expo have Glau saying that she's pregnant with a girl child, due sometime in January of 2015.

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I think it's time to start paying Kaya Scodelario a lit...

Hell, maybe it's already happened and it's just a matter of time before everyone is talking about her adorableness/hotness. She's only 22 years old, so she has some time. 

She's only 22 years old, so she has some time. Congratulations, Kaya. You're younger than I am and more successful. Normally, that would really piss me off, but you're so enjoyable to look at that I suppose I can let it slide this one time. Or every time I look at you and post up some pictures. Anyway, over in Paris where they have a Fashion Week pretty much every week (except for the 4th of July; you don't mess with a Frenchman's Independence Day), Kaya looked cute as all hell in some probably-designer outfit.

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Miranda Kerr takes low cut to new lows for Paris fashion week

Yet out of all her many changes, there remained one overriding theme, which was a noticeable lack of material in the tits area. I don't know about you, but I have a ton of enthusiasm for such outfits, especially on hotties like Miranda who's tits I am a fan of. Unfortunately the trend among many online recently, at least where Miranda is concerned, is to harp on her alleged dalliance with Bieber. This is the thing everyone has to bring up at least once in any article referencing her, sometimes even before they mention her tits or awesome body.

Lizzy Caplan is all about the sex in Elle

 I wonder sometimes if all the sex talk might get Lizzy pigeonholed has the sex kitten in her career. Take this new cover of Elle, where it's nothing but sex, sex, sex. I get it. Woman is hot and her show talks frankly about that topic. She's also done some other stuff that was pretty heavy on the sex. That's not the limit of Lizzy's powers though. For instance, I still hold most of my fondness for Lizzy for her performance on for Party Down, which I don't think she ever got naked in and was consistently hilarious in a great dead pan way.


 Probably better to ask who doesn't want to date Lauren Cohan?

 This interview with Lauren for her GQ spread, which we posted the other day, should help seal up the doubts of any strange sorts out there who were on the fence about Lauren. I just wish they could have figured out a way to get Lauren's native accent into The Walking Dead