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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sunny Leone open to interesting TV offers

Actress Sunny Leone, who will be seen as the host of horror TV show "Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone", says she is open to other offers on the small screen as long as they are "interesting". 

"If an interesting offer (on TV) comes, I don't mind taking it up. I don't believe in limiting myself. If something fits well, like this show ('Haunted Weekends...'), I will do it," Sunny told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai. 

The show will go on air Saturday on MTV India. 

The show is being launched in collaboration with her upcoming film "Ragini MMS 2" and the actress believes that it will help generate buzz for the movie. 
"Haunted Weekends..." revolves around the concept of fear and paranormal activities. 

Each episode will see three girls being sent to spooky and haunted locations across the country for a night where they have to survive a ghostly experience. The locations have a history and, often, a chilling story to tell. 

"It is a scary show where contestants will have to do different tasks. It will help the movie and people will enjoy the show too. I am happy with it," she said. 

Sunny, who is known for her bold image in the industry thanks to movies like "Jackpot" and "Jism 2", says a film must have a story and not just bold scenes. 

"'Ragini MMS 2' has a portion which sees me in a very non-glamorous image. I don't look good at all. There is a story in the film as well," she said. 

The actress says that she loves the horror genre. 

"I love watching horror movies. My husband does not like them so much, so I generally watch them alone," she said.

Emilia Clarke makes some not-so-Glamorous faces

Emilia Clarke makes some not-so-Glamorous !!!

My delicious English muffin Emilia Clarke has a spread in French Glamour this month, looking about as tasty as any meal I've ever had. Nice to see a magazine spread that lets Emilia bring out some of the sweeter, whimsical side she so often has to hide in a lot of her professional work. If you've ever seen her interview, you'll see her as something very different from her GoT character Read More...

Hot or Not: Lea Seadoux !!!

Lea Seadoux !!!

Mixed results applied for last week's Hot or Not, even though most of you seemed to consider topless nudity on a pay cable channel to be enough to determine hotness. I don't know if I'm picking this week's selection because of her role in the la

French women are a blast. Hell, I might not have checked out Léa's copious nudity in the heralded film of 2013, BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR, but I still know that we can always count on a French chick to not be shy with showing the goods. I don't if it's fair to label Americans as being the only uptight people in the world Read More...

Lea Michele looks dead happy in Glamour UK !!!

That "Cannonball" song of Lea Michele is pretty f*cking horrid. But don't worry, it's not as if the singer will have to make a career out of the solo singing thing. She's still beating the grave of her dead exboyfriend, Cory Monteith, her co-star from "Glee" who died of a heroin overdose in July of last year. In an interview with Glamour UK magazine,