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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hayley Atwell and her motorboatable cleavage could never be out of style

As she puts on her best Austin Powers, "Do I make you horny, baby?" face at the Instyle Magazine bash for the Best British Talent party, Hayley Atwell knew all eyes were on her. Considering that in 2011, us MovieHottie geniuses put our heads together and decided she was #1 on our "Top 25 Hottest of 2011," and then didn't even feature her on the list at all in 2012, I get this feeling that she's laughing at us now. Atwell has a fantastic body, one with curves that are all natural but a healthy (and I don't mean that in the healthy-skinny bullshit vibe that calling a woman "healthy" looking has gotten lately - I mean, quite sincerely, she looks HEALTHY) alternative to some of the fake breasts, nose jobs and other nonsense that women in the industry go through. She's interesting, she has that accent, her body makes me wish I had a penis to entice her with. Enough said.

Eva Longoria might wear her heart on her sleeve, but her politics are all over her ass

Here's a little dilemma for my fellow ass fans who might also have been Romney votes. Apparently excellent ass holder Eva Longoria has no problem advocating her approval for an Obama second term, voicing her sentiments on the broadest of billboards in town. It might be a little late for turning one's ass into a political statement. After all, Obama's already won the big chair again and Romney's living in isolation in some cave in Utah, counting his money. Still, I like her style. That's the kind of message we can all get behind. Even if you hate Obama, you can at least get something out of the delivery method she's chosen here. I wonder if Michelle has a pair of these. How awesome would that be?