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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunny Leone charges 1.5 crore for her new XXX project!

Sunny Leone charges 1.5 crore for her new XXX project!

The pornstar-turned-Bollywood babe has signed a deal with Sachiin Joshi’s energy drink

No one could have bagged this offer rightfully but Sunny Leone. The Jism 2 babe is all set to be the face of a cola brand – the name of which bears an uncanny resemblance to Sunny’s (in) famous profession. The Canadian pornstar will endorse an energy drink XXX owned by none other than the entrepreneur-turned-actor Sachiin Joshi. We hear that Sunny got a whopping Rs 1.5 crore to be the face of XXX.

The babe has endorsed a condom before and now she will be seen getting all energetic with this new endorsement deal. “Sunny’s pornstar status was not the criteria to cast her and neither do they intend to cash in on her XXX factor. That is just a coincidence. For us, the three Xs stand for Experience, Extreme, Excitement and that’s what Sunny represents. Her pornstar status has nothing to do with casting her. Sunny is an actress like anyone else,” said Sachiin Joshi in an interview to a daily.

Sachin, please stop it now! Dude, you really think we believe your unrealistic and hilarious explanation?