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Sunday, 12 May 2013

10-Glamorous Informal Wedding Hairstyles

Friday Funnies: When bad faces happen to beautiful celebrities

  Christina Ricci

REX-Wow! We can't begin to imagine what Christina Ricci was doing here.How can someone so beautiful make herself look so scary?!Check out more pictures of gorgeous stars with bad faces. Nobody can escape the well-timed click of a camera..

Mila Kunis
Sandra Bullock
Uma Thurman

Zoe Saldana

Justin Bieber
Jennifer Lopez
Nicole Kidman
When bad faces happen to beautiful celebritie Cara Delevingne

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge
Emma Stone
Emma Watson 
Emma Watson 
Eva Longoria
Harry Styles

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Lawrence
Kate Hudson
Kelly Osbourne
Kristen Stewart

Kate Upton: Hottest Supermodel on Earth!

Kate Upton isn't just featured on the cover of Vogue for the first time, looking fashionable and fantastic in the iconic magazine's June issue.
She's proclaimed to be "the hottest supermodel on Earth."
The 20-year-old, who somehow ranked eighth on the Maxim Hot 100 list, told Vogue about the struggles of being curvy in a size-0 modeling world.
"It was hard at first. You're like, 'Is there something wrong with me?'" she says of online haters who label her "fat" or unworthy of "real" modeling.
“The things they’re rejecting me for are things that I can’t change."
"I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I love my body. It's what God gave me! I can work out and stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things."
Nor should you, Kate. Nor should you. If you missed it, check out June's Kate Upton Vogue cover, then vote: Is Kate Upton the hottest model on this planet?

Kanye West Got A Boo Boo (VIDEO)

Kanye West started freaking out when the paparazzi started snapping photos after he walked right into a street sign pole and smacked his head.
The rapper, who is set to welcome a baby girl with reality star Kim Kardashian, verbally blasted the photographers for taking pics of the embarrassing incident.
Kanye West accidentally walked into a mental sign post while out looking at home with his pregnant girlfriend.
The 35-year-old Grammy-winner went off on photographers, yelling, “Stop taking f**king pictures.”

West was ushered into a nearby restaurant by Kim, 32, but soon emerged to lash out at the media, saying, “Don’t take another f**king photo man. Don’t take another f**king man. Don’t take no photos. Stop it. All of you motherf**kers stop it.”
Kanye was spotted in Beverly Hills on Sunday morning with a gash and bruise from his pole run-in, which we imagine was more embarrassing than physically painful.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying to find a home to rent until the renovations on their newly purchased $9 manion in Bel Air are completed.
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1x1.trans Kanye West Got A Boo Boo (VIDEO)

Human Barbie Discusses Her Unique Look

Much has been said about this "Human Barbie Doll" -- a woman whose itty waist and Anime facial features created buzz on the Internet as to whether or not she was even real.

From Starpulse: "Ukrainian native Valeria Lukyanova may not look like a real person, but with the help of a little eye makeup and a tiny waist the model/singer has been able to fool people the world over. Photos of the Moldavian-born Lukyanova, called the 'human Barbie', took the internet by storm earlier this year, and many questioned whether she existed or was just a very well done computer generated image."

Farrah Abraham Pregnant By James Deen?

Farrah and daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham, the “Teen Mom” star-turned porn star, is either even more stupid than we realized or just needs a little more attention.

Farrah got all dressed up to go buy a pregnancy test, worrying she may have gotten pregnant during her XXX throw-down with Deen. This reality star needs to re-take sex ed class!
Farrah Abraham and James Deen did not use condoms when they filmed their porn video and worried she could be pregnant after her period was late.
It’s pretty amusing for Farrah to think she could be with child because if you’ve seen the tape…let’s just say it’s “what, what in da butt”.
Farrah claims James Deen was her first sexual partner in a while, claiming she wanted a private tape for herself.
The former “Teen Mom” said, “This is my video; I had all the creative input in the world.”
Farrah also revealed the “rear entry” scenes were her idea, stating, “I don’t have sex much, I can have my own stuff to remember so I am going to have a little bit of everything. So that’s what I did for myself.”
Farrah Abraham appeared on Entertainment Tonight and gave a ridiculous reason for doing a sex tape. It’s because she’s “like, sad sometimes”.