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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bromance is the secret of Gunday success

Arjun Kapoor's new release Gunday has made a decent start at the box office, and the budding actor says one reason why the film shaped up to everyone's expectations is because he and co- star Ranveer Singh shared a great bond off screen. 

" We would crack each other up all the time during the shoot. Ranveer supported and encouraged me to be on the top of my game throughout the shooting. He made me give my best shot. I took back a strong friendship from this film," says Arjun. 

The off- screen chemistry helped the duo interpret their roles of refugees who turn coal mafia dons in the Bengal of the seventies, after 

Arjun cites an instance to prove his point. " There was a serious sequence that wasn't falling into place because everyone was stressed out. So, Ranveer and I decided to lighten up the mood. 
In the middle of the shot, Ranveer started twisting my nipples and I reacted jokingly. 

We just created a moment for people to laugh. Ranveer ne literally meri pungi baja di !" Talking of what kind of a girl he would like to date, Arjun says he doesn't have any ' type' when it comes to girls. 

" I don't have a type for girls. It keeps changing. You have a type and then suddenly someone else seems interesting. 

The truth is all women are beautiful so why define them in a way that restricts the thought process?" Gunday is only his third film and Arjun has already shown a method streak to get into the skin of his roles. If the actor lost weight for his double role in Aurangzeb , he gloriously made six packs for his latest. 

The method actor in him will once again go for a drastic change for his next release, the rom- com 2 States where he is paired opposite Alia Bhatt. " It will be very interesting to see if people recognise me without my stubble in 2 States . My previous roles and the one in 2 States are like chalk and cheese. I shot simultaneously for Gunday and 2 States , pushing my boundaries as an actor to handle two different characters," the actor adds. 

The actor, however claims, he loved playing the action hero in Gunday . " We were shooting a highlight train robbery scene in extremely hot weather near Wai ( in Satara, Maharashtra) with our harnesses on. It was a torturous yet memorable sequence. I also loved the Durga Puja fight sequence." The actor will be next seen in Tevar opposite Sonakshi Sinha and Finding Fanny Fernandes costarring Deepika Padukone.

Gunday screening faces trouble in Bengal, theater owners 'threatened'

The much-awaited Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh starrer Bollywood release Gunday has landed itself in trouble over the screening of its dubbed Bengali version. According to the films eastern Indian distributors, the company has received letters from multiple single screen theatre owners across Bengal stating that they were under 'political' pressure not to screen the Bengali version of the film. 
According to distributors, a section of the Bengali film industry is miffed with the decision of Yash Raj Films to simultaneously release a dubbed version of the much-awaited film in Bengal. They fear that such a trend will be harmful to the regional language film industry. 

The much touted YRF production has been released in 92 theatres across Bengal in Hindi and 32 theatres in Bengali. The film has generated a lot of buzz in the state as it was shot for over two months in Kolkata and other location in the state last year. 

Letters written by some of the exhibitors have requested the distributors to change the screenings from Bengali to Hindi as there was 'political interference'. Some even state that they were receiving 'threats' that halls may be vandalised if the screenings were not stopped. 

"All the letter speak about one thing, political interference and political disturbance. We have received letters from Malda, South 24 pargana, Burdwan etc. Either there is a hidden agenda or some motive to stall the screening. We had taken all the necessary clearances to screen the film in Bengal. The film was shot here in Kolkata. There is a lot of buzz about it. Really don't know why it is now being stalled," said Pritam Jalan, Gunday's Distributor for Eastern India. 

The main distributor (Jalan Distributors) which is distributing the film across eastern India have said that they will take legal recourse and claim damages from exhibitors who have decided to stop the screening of Bengali version as that would amount to breach of agreement that the exhibitors made with them across the state for screening the film. 

However, the exhibitors (hall owners) are the ones who are under fire as they are the ones who are complaining of political intervention on the ground. 

A section of the Bengali film industry is not in favour of running movies of other languages dubbed in Bengali fearing it will adversely impact the regional film industry. 

However, the distributors of Gunday has all the necessary clearances to screen the dubbed version too. It has clearance from EIMPA (Eastern India Motion Pictures Association), the industry body. So there is not legal ground to stop the screening. 

The allegation is, the ruling establishment which has a considerable clout in the Bengali film industry is trying to coerce the exhibitors to halt the screening of the Bengali version which they feel will hurt its interest.