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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Care for some more Selena Gomez in a bikini? Yes you do.

For the type of movie it appears to be, it sure seems like we've seen a lot of promos for SPRING BREAKERS over the last year. Hell, I'm not complaining. I will always welcome grown-up Disney alumni coming together for a big, bikini-clad adventure. The inclusion of James Franco is just the Hershey's Kiss nipples on the exotic cake. Today, we've discovered some outtakes of the already plentiful promo pics which feature Selena Gomez standing in a bikini. Something about the combination of Selena and bikinis brings a crack of a smile to my face. Perhaps it's because the visual is a luxury that Jason Beaver can't claim for himself anymore. Plus, when she wears a red bikini, I can't help but think of Phoebe Cates in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, and then my brain just goes bananas. Sky blue will work just as well, though...

After a long weekend of nerd-kissing, Bar Refaeli does housework

Should I be surprised that Bar Refaeli giving some nerd the time of his life in that GoDaddy.com commercial wound up being the most talked about happenstance during the Super Bowl? I mean, you'd think the power going out would be the big icebreaker at your local grocery store, but apparently hot chicks and geeks locking lips with each other means the apocalypse is still on its way. Despite getting an opportunity none of us would ever come close to having, I feel a bit bad for the now universally hated Jesse Heiman, also known as "Walter" in the advertisement. I've actually met Jesse before on the set of "The Big Bang Theory", and he happens to be one of the most hardworking extras in Hollywood. Why hate on this guy so much when he's obviously loved by directors and producers alike? Oh, yeah. This is why...

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's sextastic new Client List promo

Remember last year when Jennifer Love Hewitt's gargantuan cleavage invaded movie theater screens to promote the first season of her show, "The Client List"? Sure, it was a little misleading for anyone who tuned into that season premiere, but how can you be mad at her? Well, she's taking the same approach with the season 2 promo for "The Client List", perhaps even stepping it up a notch. If I'm not mistaking, the song she sings in the video, "W.O.M.A.N.", is was recorded by Jenny Love herself, and delivers an empowering message to women, and includes lots and lots of spelling.

What makes this slightly more awesome is the fact that the whole thing was Hewitt's idea: "I had a dream about it in the middle of the night," Jennifer explains about how the video came about. She said she loves the song "I'm a Woman" from the Broadway play Smokey Joe's Cafe, and thought it would be fun to do something burlesque-oriented "to shake things up a bit."

Oh, she shakes things up alright...