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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blake Lively Not Pregnant, Just Planning For A Baby With Husband Ryan Reynolds, Says Report

Blake Lively Not Pregnant, Just Planning  !

Actors Ryan Reynolds (R) and his wife actress Blake Lively at the screening of the film "Captives" at the 67th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes 

Blake Lively is not pregnant. Not yet, anyway. 

According to a report in Life & Style, the 26-year-old actress and her 37-year-old "Green Lantern" co-star turned off-screen husband Ryan Reynolds are planning for a baby Read More...

Selena Gomez Went On Niall Horan Date After Taylor Swift Set Them Up

Selena Gomez Went On Niall Horan Date After Taylor Swift Set Them Up

Taylor’s at it again! Now that her BFF Selena has split from Justin Bieber, Tay is trying her luck at setting her up with One Direction hottie Niall once again, a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. The potential couple spent the night at Katy Perry’s ‘Prismatic’ concert in London on May 27, and if Taylor has anything to do with it, they might actually become an item this time around! 
Talor Swift has been doing everything in her power to help bestie Selena Gomez  Read More...

Behavior of Members at Unomatch

Since Unomatch is getting very popular day by day, it has been noticed that different members are

experiencing different behaviors from different members depending upon their age group, difference of

sexes and due to difference of their ages.

The most famous and most common experience that people are having is to have a good time together.

That includes the most famous chatting with each other. Men like to chat with Women, which is off-
course a normal behavior, however it has been observed that certain very active male members are

friends among themselves and they also keep in close contact with themselves through chatting and

messages through their private inboxes.

There is a class of members who are very large in numbers and they are young. Young means their

age group is between 18 to 24 and most of them are studying or they are about to finish their studies.

These group of members are very keen to kind opposite sex and they are very busy in surfing good, nice

looking and young female members and once they find them, they wanted to be their best friends and

want to keep things moving among themselves. They feels really very happy and always keep in close

contact with each other.

Another behavior which we have observed and what people have experienced is a group of frustrated

people, who are looking for sex on this website. Whenever they see any woman, they start immediately

and straight away as if they want to have sex with them on net. They want to see need pictures, and ask

to help them so they have some relaxation. These people are really frustrated and they are ready to do

anything for that. Lots of people tries to tell them that this is a social website and not a sex website and

they wont find these things here, however they continue to find their partner here.

Another group of prople, which have got a totally different behavior then all the above , are the really

calm, satisfied and stable people, who really are looking for a good relationship. It can be in a form of

good friend, may be a good companion, and can also be a life partners. These are the serious people and

they really know as what are they doing. Though the age group of these people are from up 26years till

60 years, but they are really the best group of people, who enjoys this website.

There is another behavior of people seen here, who are probably scammers. These people are mainly

from Africa. Due to the popularity of this website, most of these people use this website to find good,

wealthy and mostly people form USA, Canada, UK and Europe. First they say hello and hi, then after

few days, they tell you a very sad story and ask you for a help to send them money by western Union

or any other mode. If any member says No to money, then they start with marrying and Love, and kids

and living together for whole life etc. Most of the genuine members do not like these kind of people.

Some block them, some are very roude with them, and most of them never reply their messages and


There are also so many other different behavior on Unomatch, which people are experiencing and they

are really enjoying in what ever manner they would like. Each and every group of people is being active

here and happy of the behavior which they experience.

I must say that Unomatch is growing very fast and people from all age groups, and from all over the

world, are joining in on a daily bases. In people’s opinion, Unomatch will be very famous in the next one

year or so.

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