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Friday, 10 October 2014

Cyrus' MTV awards date gets six months jail

Jesse Helt, homeless guy who accompanied singer Miley Cyrus to MTV Video Music Awards, has been jailed for six months after violating terms of his probation in Oregon. 

Helt, who also accepted Cyrus's award for video of the year during the ceremony in August, was sentenced to jail Tuesday at a Dallas court, reports dailymail.co.uk. 

Helt, an aspiring model, was arrested on a series of misdemeanor charges in 2010. But he missed meetings with his probation officer, violated his curfew and failed to complete community service after moving to Los Angeles. 

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Ben Affleck regrets 'Daredevil'

Actor Ben Affleck says he has regrets about his 2003 superhero film "Daredevil", but insists his upcoming movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will entertain audiences the right way. 

"Daredevil" was panned by critics. 

"Indeed I have regrets about 'Daredevil'. I have regrets about all the movies that I don't think were executed properly," Affleck told National Public Radio, reports mirror.co.uk. 

He says that if he thought that "we were remaking 'Daredevil', I'd be out there picketing myself". 

"I'm hard on myself, and I have exacting standards and I want to do excellent work and I don't always succeed, but I think you have to start out with that drive," added the 42-year-old. 

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Kids help Jolie connect with her mom

Whenever actress Angelina Jolie looks at her children, she feels connected to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, who passed away in 2007 after a long battle with ovarian cancer. 

Jolie talked about her mother's legacy during an interview with French Marie Claire, reports people.com. 

`I'm not certain...I feel in contact with my mother when I look at my children. I can feel her influence over me then. I see that my way of raising them resembles the way she raised my brother and I. 

`It's more apparent with my daughters Shiloh and Vivienne. Therefore, yes, my mother is there, present in this influence, all the time," Jolie said when asked whether she believes in life after death. 

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Daniel Radcliffe's 'What If' to hit screens in India 0ct 17

Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe's first romantic comedy movie "What If", about two lovelorn individuals, will hit screens Oct 17. 

The quirky love story, which features Zoe Kazan with Radcliffe, is based on the play "Toothpaste and Cigars". It will be released by PVR Director's Rare. 

"A talented star-cast backed by a great storyline and fresh treatment to its concept,

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Kelly Brook's nude pictures surface online

There seems to be no end to the celebrity naked photo scandal. It's latest victim is actress-model Kelly Brook.

According to the reports in The Sun, Brook is very upset with her photo leak, reports femalefirst.co.uk. 

One of the pictures that surfaced online show the model naked on a bed. 

"She is naturally very upset. She may have profited from images of her body in the past, but these were private images pumped out to the world. She's horrified,

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Brad Pitt's 'Fury' to be dubbed as 'Fauji' Hindi

Brad Pitt's "Fury", the India release of which has been pushed ahead by two weeks to avoid proximity with Shah Rukh Khan's

Diwali offering "Happy New Year", will be dubbed in Hindi as "Fauji" - inspired by the title of the Bollywood superstar's 1988 TV show. 

Since "Fury" features a Hollywood star as big as Brad Pitt, and that too in the role of an army sergeant, the film's distributors in India are also dubbing it in Hindi. 

The decision to rename "Fury" as "Fauji" cropped up as a tribute to Shah Rukh,

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Jessie J supports 'amazing' Justin Bieber

Singer Jessie J says she sent a message of support to Justin Bieber during the pop star's turbulent period earlier this year. 

As Bieber's legal and personal problems began to mount, Jessie initially penned a handwritten letter to him telling the "Baby" hitmaker he is "amazing", reports contactmusic.com. 

Speaking in The Sun newspaper, she said: "I just felt like it was my duty. I hand-wrote it, old school. I was just like, 'I'm here, you're amazing'. 

"He's young and he's got so much pressure on him. 

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When Kelly Osbourne was hit by soiled diaper

Singer Kelly Osbourne had a bad day when she was hit in the face with a soiled diaper. 

To make things worse, Osbourne scooped her house keys in a bag of dog poop after she cleared up her bulldog Willy's mess. 

The `Fashion Police` 

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How did Jennifer Garner gain weight?

Actress Jennifer Garner blames her husband and actor Ben Affleck for her weight gain. 

During a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest Tuesday, the `Dallas Buyers Club` actress said she is over-compensating for Affleck's stringent diet for his upcoming film `Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice`, reports dailymail.co.uk. 

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Johansson in period TV drama

Actress Scarlett Johansson is set to play female lead in a TV show, an adaptation of Edith Wharton's novel "The Custom Of The Country". 

According to a report in Deadline, Johansson will also be the executive producer of the eight-episode period story based on the 1913 novel, reports dailymail.co.uk. 

The 29-year-old star will be seen as a midwestern girl,

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