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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers 



Nida Khan Profile

December 2, 2013

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Anum Mehak Unomatch Profile

Anum Mehak

   anum mehak (2) anum mehak (2)

 Live : Lives in karachi, Pakistan · 

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Farah And Fatima Couture

Cute pakistani Girls

Cute pakistani Girls


Name: Fatimah
Gender: Female
Mobile Number: 0306-7677431
City: Okara  

Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Katy Perry kisses Santa for Glamour UK and likes it

Katy Perry kisses Santa for Glamour UK 

Let's try to take the focus off whether or not she's gotten herself too attached to Douchebag Mayer or whether she's a racist because she dressed in a geisha costume for a Japanese-themed performance on the AMAs and instead let's consider if a male model dressed in a Santa suit should be so lucky as to garner Katy Perry's affections, even if it is for a photo shoot in Glamour UK. The singer was decidedly festive for her December 2013 layout with the magazine, looking as happy as she can be when in a great mood. I think that was the one thing that disappointed me about her behind-the-scenes concert movie, not the fact that it was overly simplistic but that we had to see the otherwise joyful pop star in tears. I'd rather not have that happen any more. So bring on more Santas! 

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus





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Sweet frndzzz - Poetry

Cutest proposal . . .
Boy: I have a big
question and I
am hoping you can give
me the
Girl: What is it?
Boy: You see most part
of our
body has a pair right?
each one our body is unbalanced!!
Ex: hands, eyes, ears,
legs, lungs,kidney etc...
Girl: so....whats the
Boy: the question is.. Can I have
your heart to pair with
Because without you my life
is unbalanced!!! ♥♥


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