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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Let's see how long we can keep this Brook ball rolling

So we move into Day 4 of the on-going adventures of Kelly Brook and her Sunshine State Bewb Extravaganza. The paparazzi have snapped tons of candids from her time in the States and now Kelly herself has posted some personal snaps of this Miami working vacay to her Instagram page. If you haven't gone over there yet, check it out some time. Apart from the standard plates of food and hotel room shots, there are also an assortment of selfies of her own sweet face, which offer up a nice little taste of our favorite English export. She also posts the occasional shot of her awesome body as well, like these close ups of her now legendary green bikini. Makes you feel a little more like you're a part of her life, don't it? Or at least, a little less like a stalker, peering through bushes with a zoom lens. Speaking of that, check out a few more of yesterday's green bikini shots, this time featuring much more Brook butt moments.

Elizabeth Banks rides her bike in an asstastic dress, doesn't seem happy about it

Elizabeth Banks was on location yesterday filming scenes for her new movie WALK OF SHAME - a walk that apparently involved Elizabeth getting stuffed into a tight ass dress for some city street cycling, all to her chagrin. I can't speak to Elizabeth or her character's feelings about the situation, but I'm always more than happy to see Liz's fine body wrapped up in something tight and slutty. Of course, the big question is - did she go commando for that bike ride? The few upskirt shots we have don't indicate either way. If I had to guess, I'd say probably not. One can always wish and pray though. Wish to be a bicycle seat on that particular day, in that particular place. Now those are some sweet dreams.