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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Arpita Khan wedding: Mika Singh belted out some of his popular numbers for the newlyweds.

Mika Singh is happy to have got the opportunity to make Arpita Khan's big day all the more memorable. The singer, who has lent his voice to many popular songs over the years, was specially invited by Salman and Sohail Khan to perform at their sister's wedding. Mika has been close to the superstar and has always held the entire Khan family in high regard. 

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Action Jackson / No punch in soundtrack.

Action Jackson is one action-comedy that’s full of surprises. Right from featuring Yami Gautam who’s starring in a comic role for the first time to its whacky plot which centers around a crook who believes that he is good luck for the apple of his eye. The film also touts itself to be a family entertainer and has music directed by none other than Himesh Reshammiya. Keeda grabs your attention with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed.

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Priyanka Chopra, Sunidhi Chauhan Sing John Lennon's Imagine With Katy Perry and Others.

THE CELEBRITIES TAKE TURNS TO SING A LINE FROM THE JOHN LENNON CLASSIC. PRIYANKA SINGS TWO LINES IN THE SONG. THE FIRST, "IMAGINE THERE'S NO COUNTRIES," AS A DUET WITH MODEL SUKI WATERHOUSE, AND THE SECOND, "A BROTHERHOOD OF MAN," AS A SOLO.Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and singer Sunidhi Chauhan are among A-list celebrities from across the world singing a cover of John Lennon's Imagine. 

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Dallas Buyers Club director will helm Janis Joplin biopic with Amy Adams

The long in development biopic about singer-songwriter Janis Joplin will finally begin shooting next year. We have known since 2010 that the beautiful and talented Amy Adams will star and now DALLAS BUYERS CLUB director Jean-Marc VallĂ©e is has been given the task of the directing the movie. Back in 2010 it was CITY OF GOD director Fernando Meirelles who was going to helm the picture, and Lee Daniels at one point was attached. Let's hope they can finally starting working on this movie now! 

Previously, Zooey Deschanel, Pink and Lili Taylor have all been attached to play Joplin in the untitled biopic. I think I remember something about Lindsay Lohan a while back but she might have started that one. Vallee recently finished making a movie titled DEMOLITION starring See More

Vanessa Hudgens under armors herself while running errands

What's the deal with Vanessa Hudgens lately? You don't see her in much anymore. I don't think she was in anything this year and there's only one thing listed on her IMDB page for next year. For awhile there it seemed like she was destined for bigger and better things. 

Then she just kinda faded into the celebrity background. Nowadays you're more likely to see her coming out of a yoga place or rocking some sexy leggings while out running errands, than you are to see her in an actual movie somewhere. One could make the argument that her skills as an actress were pretty low to begin with, so it should come as no big surprise that she might be finding it hard to secure work. 

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Latina hottie Roselyn Sanchez was mostly undressed at the Latin Grammys

There are a number of things societies down in the Latin countries could stand to work on some more. For instance, they could certainly use less government corruption and a whole lot more functional economies and balanced treatment of the environment. That being said, one area where they do excel is their ability to show off the best parts of their superior hottie population. 

A perfect example was Puerto Rican hottie Roselyn Sanch See More 

Even Miranda Kerr's pants are begging to be taken off

I've been on what some people call a Miranda Kerr binge lately. Anytime I see a picture of her online, I go a little crazy, start throwing things and have to share them with you. So, now that I've got those first two things out of the way, I can show you all these pics of the little hottie making her way around New York the other night. 

What she's wearing is…well, it's a little interesting to say the least. Her pants kind of look like they're falling down and I get it. Sometimes, if you're really skinny, you'll have to hold up your pants. I, obviously, have never had this problem. 

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It's a little early, but we can talk about Emily Ratajkowski's golden globes

It's an interesting thing with movies. At the beginning of the year, we get shit. Then, we'll get some interesting movies, but mostly shit. Then, we'll get a barrage of summer blockbusters. Then, we'll get some more shit for a while. After that, we'll get some really artfully made Oscar hopefuls and just a little bit of shit. 

While the Golden Globes seem way too early to be talking about, there are some really choice flicks coming out around this time, so maybe it's alright. That's pretty much what West Hollywood is doing, who hosted something called the HFPA & InStyle Celebrate 2015 Golden Globe Award Season. One of the ladies who attended seems to have appeared in something that'll get at least a few nominations and that lady is Emily Ratajkowski. Sure, her part wasn't huge, but it was perfect for her. 

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Dianna Agron is one natural beauty worth checking out a few times over

Well, this is just a f*cking lovely sight, isn't it? There's just something about it and I can try to put my finger on it. We'll see. For starters, we all know that Dianna Agron is a beautiful girl. Sure, I think it's fair to say that the show GLEE isn't too many of our reader's cup of tea necessarily, but I know for a fact we can appreciate a hottie when we see one. 

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Essential Oils-Essential for family health

Essential Oils 

Did you know that essential oils not only smell good, but also aid in healing, promoting health and well- 

being and curing. Did you say Yes? But did you know having essential oils in your medical kit can save you 

hundreds of dollars, medical bills and inconvenience and side effects of allopathic medicines. 

Some of the common health problems that you can treat using essential oils are: 

1. Headaches and tummy aches: If you or your kids frequently complain of headaches and tummy 

aches then peppermint oil is the best. Apply one or two drops of oil directly on the area to relieve 

pain. One magical combination of oils to relieve pain is by mixing peppermint oil, clove, 

wintergreen and helichrysum. 

2. Antiseptic: If you are prone to kitchen cuts or you have kids who love playing outdoor and rustic 

games then essential oils are a must in your medical kit. Blend rosemary, lemon grass, melaleuca, 

myrtle and lavandin as these have amazing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties,

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