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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tanisha Mukherjee kajol Armaan Kohli Bigg Boss 7 Salman-khan

Whatever may have happened inside the Bigg Boss house, now that the show is over, actress Tanisha Mukherjee is not ready to either justify or clarify her proximity and camaraderie with co-contestant Armaan Kohli, who seemed to be more than her "best friend" on the popular reality show. 

They cosied up, gave each other their support, smiled and laughed together, and more importantly, eased up each other's stay in the show. 

Once out of the show, all eyes were on them, questioning their relationship status. 

When IANS asked Tanisha about this, she said: "Armaan is my best friend. He has helped me inside the house and outside as well." 

"If you have seen me in the show, I guess you know that I don't give justifications and clarifications. So I am responsible for whatever happened on the show, but I am not going to give any clarifications about it," she addded. 

Nevertheless, the 36-year-old whole-heartedly credits Armaan for helping her survive in the show till the end - for as many as 105 days under the prying eyes of 84 cameras 24X7. 

"First and foremost what helped me stay (till the finale) was my upbringing, then it was the confidence that I have in myself. It was also because of my friends - Armaan and VJ Andy that I was able to sustain for so long," said Tanisha, who took the first runner-up spot. Gauahar Khan won the show. 

Asked if she ever did anything solely for the camera, the "Neal N Nikki" actress completely denied it by saying "that's not who I am". 

"People had a preconceived notion about me and I wanted to show them who I really am, and that's why I chose to come on the show. But I never used the camera or did something solely for it." 

Post the show, her eyes are set on the "entertainment industry", and that just not translate to Bollywood alone for her. 

"You never know, I might write a book, or become a part-time journalist. But one thing is for sure that I will be a part of the entertainment industry," said Tanisha, who is the daughter of veteran actress Tanuja and younger sister of talented actress Kajol.

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Aamir Liaquat New Islamic Program Coming Soon Onliye On GEO TV

نیا سال۔۔۔ نئی خوشیاں۔۔ ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین کے ساتھ

امان رمضان نشریات نے میڈیا انڈسٹری کے تمام ریکارڈز توڑ کے مقبولیت کا نیا عہد قائم کرلیاہے
امان رمضان کو بین الاقوامی میڈیا میں بھی بے انتہا پذیرائی ملی!۔
ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت کا نام دنیا کے پانچ سو با اثر مسلمانوں کی فہرست میں شامل کرلیا گیا
خوشیاں بانٹنے کے یہ دن دوبارہ جیو پر بہت جلد آرہے ہیں
مزید معلومات کے لیے ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین کی ویب سائٹ وزٹ کیجیے

Mr Joe B Carvalho is a waste of time

Mr Joe B Carvalho 

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Soha Ali Khan, Jaaved Jaaferi, Karishma Kotak, Vijay Raaz

Director: Samir Tiwari

Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended

A comedy film comprises a funny script and good dialogues. 'Mr Joe B Carvalho' sadly lacks both. Resultantly, the two hours spent watching the movie turn out to be pure torture. What you can laugh at is the poor performance on the part of the director, producer and story writer . 

There's a man named detective Joe B Carvalho based in Bengaluru, who lives with his visually-impaired grandmother. This character is sad yet funny in that he beats up a bunch of men - involved in making drugs - just so he can blackmail them into paying his cable bills. He clearly doesn't realise the seriousness of what they're doing, and takes it as he sees it: a bunch of men, in a flat, making dough. This detective also has a girlfriend who's a police officer, and for matters made clear in the movie, the two break up. 

The detective's latest case is to catch a couple that ran away from home and and are planning to get married without their parents' consent. On the other side of life, is his police officer ex girlfriend, who's task it is to catch 'Carlos', an international killer plotting to foil this couple's hopes of wedded bliss. 

Here's a sample of the kind of dialogues the movie has: "Maut, p*tty, aur Carlos kabhi bhi kahi bhi aa sakte hain". 'Maut' is something that doesn't follow the sad dialogues of this movie. 

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Ranbir Kapoor to be Lay's brand ambassador

Beverages and foods major PepsiCo India is extending its association with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who will now also endorse the company's snack brand Lay's. 

Ranbir, who has been the brand ambassador of soft drink Pepsi since 2008, will feature in a brand new campaign of Lay's, PepsiCo India said in a statement. 

Commenting on the development, PepsiCo India's foods category director (western category) Gaurav Mehta said: "We believe that this association with Ranbir will enable us to take our brand philosophy to new heights as we expand our reach to India's youth." 

On his new assignment, Ranbir said: "It is such a popular and universally loved brand and I am excited to be associated with Lay's. As a brand, Lay's stands for youthfulness and spontaneity and seeking simple joys in life's ordinary moments." 

While Ranbir becomes the face of the new campaign, actor Saif Ali Khan will continue to endorse Lay's. 

PepsiCo India had launched the Lay's brand in India in 1995 and has emerged as one of the company's top brands in the country. Apart from international flavours, the company also offers local Indian flavours in the product range.

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Salman Khan Facebook page has over 12 million fans

Interestingly, on a day when Shah Rukh Khan next biggie - Happy New Year's first poster was launched, Salman Khan Facebook page crossed 12 million fans beating SRK's FB fans, which is about 6 million. 

Salman Khan fans, who are very upbeat about his next Jai Ho, started hashtag #12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB. The hashtag is trending on Twitter for the past 10 hours. Sample some tweets: 

Happy New Year, #HNYPoster and #12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB are jostling for space on Twitter today. This is a Mahabharat in the making. 

Ironically, 12 Million SRKians have passed their first day of new year by pressing on #12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB trend. 

#12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB No.3 Trending On India. @BeingSalmanKhan Fans Ki #jaiHo. 

Too Marvellous Blockbuster Movies Realising This Year .... Jai Ho And Kick #12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB 

#12MillionSalmaniacsOnFB its just the beginning after #JaiHo it will 50 million for sure#JaiHo24thJan

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Dhoom 3 crosses Rs 250 crore, becomes biggest grosser of all time

After becoming the first movie to make the fastest Rs.100 crore in just three days of its release, Aamir Khan-starrer "Dhoom 3" has created another history by minting Rs.252.70 crore at the domestic box office within two weeks, including earnings from the Tamil and Telugu versions. 

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, the movie, which came out Dec 20, was released in about 4,000 screens. Also featuring Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, "Dhoom: 3" was made on an approx budget of Rs.100 crore. 

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh took to microblogging website Twitter to share the news. 

The movie earned Rs.36.22 crore on the first day. It was followed by Rs.33.36 crore and Rs.38.09 on the second and third day respectively. 

In the first week itself trade pundits predicted that the movie will gross Rs.250 crore in the first two weeks. 

The third instalment of Yash Raj Films' popular "Dhoom" franchise, "Dhoom: 3" saw Abhishek and Uday reprise their roles as Jai Dixit and Ali. Aamir was seen in a double role as Sahir and Samar, while Katrina played a female acrobat, Aaliya.

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Will SRK-Deepika raise the love meter in Happy New Year this Diwali?

Year 2014 will certainly be a Happy New Year for SRK and Deepika Padukone. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika's chemistry will again be seen in the much-awaited Happy New Year, which will release on October third. This will be their third blockbuster together in Bollywood. 

If all goes well, the box office will belong to King Khan this Diwali. All three Khans (SRK, Aamir and Salman) are famous in the industry for grabbing fans' attention during festivals. And this time it will be Shah Rukh stealing the show. 

The film's poster was released on January 1, 2014. 

"Happy New Year", directed by Farah Khan and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd., is being positioned uniquely as a musical fest. 

The film also stars Boman Irani, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. 

Farah and Shah Rukh's past associations in films like "Main Hoon Na" and "Om Shanti Om" have turned out to be gold spinners. 

They are doing every bit to spread the right kind of buzz about "Happy New Year". 

The film's social media platforms have been very active and their first topic 'wacky wishes' has been trending on Twitter. 

Also, a huge social media campaign has been set around the launch of the first poster of the film. The lead actors are actively participating in the campaign for the first poster launch.

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Happy New Year, Welcome 2014 Happy New year,

Beautiful Quotes, Love Quotes, Quotes About Life, Quotes About Dreams

Beautiful Quotes, Love Quotes, Quotes About Life, Quotes About Dreams Awesome Quotes,

New Year, New Beginning & time to Dhoom Again

New Year, New Beginning & time to Dhoom Again!!

Never seen before Aamir-Katrina!

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Expect the unexpected!

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Hot or Not: Katie Featherston

Hot or Not: Katie Featherston

I'm going to let you in on a couple of things. I'm not the biggest horror genre fan. Sure, that comes as a huge shock to you all but it's not entirely my fault. My parents, who were rather cool with me watching all R rated movies that weren't horror related pretty much banned me from the category unless it was a sci-fi themed deal that my dad could enjoy. So I just didn't grow up on the stuff and as an adult have been watching a lot of fan classics and not been all that scared. The first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movie I fell asleep watching. But with the latest installment, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES taking place in Oxnard, California - the very city that I grew up horror movie-less in - I've taken a new interest. Let's check out one of its stars, shall we? 

Like I pointed out, the first of this PA movies put me to sleep, I was so bored with it. While I was one of the people who bought into the hype of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, one of the few horror movies that I went out of my way to see at the theater and ended up nauseated by its overusage of shaky-cam, I never have never considered the "found footage" subgenre to be all that frightening. But it stands as the movie which introduced us to Katie Featherston, one of the members of the new wave of scream queens. 

The world`s most amazing luxury airline suite

Sky high luxury... 

Singapore Airlines was the first airline to install double beds, so the fact that they are now among the first to offer luxury suites on a commercial jet is par for the course. Leg room is no longer an issue but your bank balance might be - a round trip flight from New York to Singapore costs $15,570 per person. 

Each suite is equipped with a 23-inch television and comes with sliding doors and self-adjustable roller-blinds. See that chair the lucky so-and-so in the picture is sitting on? That`s hand-stitched by a world famous Italian craftsman, Poltrona Frau. 

The standalone bed is a first for air travel and with the luxury suite you even get a turndown service.  
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Virat Kohli rings in New Year with Anushka Sharma

Guess who came for dinner at Anushka Sharma's house late at night to celebrate the New Year? Onlookers were probably not very surprised to see Virat Kohli's car roll into the complex of the actress's Versova apartment building. The duo as an item has been doing the rounds in the gossip grapevine for a while now. 

What did surprise many was the fact that the Indian cricket vice captain headed straight for Anushka's pad after landing at the Mumbai airport along with his teammates from South Africa where the team was on a tour. 

What's more Anushka sent two cars to pick up Virat. 

The team arrived around midnight at the Mumbai International airport and Virat was picked up by Anushka's chauffeur- driven BMW. His luggage arrived in Versova in the SUV Range Rover Anushka is usually spotted zipping around in. 

The paparazzi waiting at the airport to capture the Indian cricketers, who lost to South Africa in the recent series, did not miss a single chance to click Virat as he got into Anushka's car instead of going to the designated hotel along with the rest of the team. 

A few photographers even followed the car Virat travelled in, to Anushka's residence in Versova's Ambernath Tower. However, even after waiting for a couple of hours, Virat was not spotted making an exit from the residential complex. 

According to the buzz, Virat celebrated New Year with Anushka and a couple of their common friends at the private party she hosted at her place. The party went on till the wee hours. 

Rumours of a romance between Anushka and Virat started doing the rounds after the two shot for a shampoo ad recently. Stories of Anushka's neighbours spotting Virat in her apartment complex have made news lately. 

Anushka categorically denied dating Virat in an interview recently, though she did admit the he was a good friend. " There is no relationship," Anushka declared in the interview. 

" If two people are friends, they are bound to visit each other," she added. 

As the team returning from South Africa went to the designated hotel, Virat got into one of the two cars Anushka had sent and left

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Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan defeated by kids at games

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and superstar Shah Rukh Khan are on top of the Bollywood scene, but they aren't as competent when it comes to competing with their grandchildren and children at video games and adventure sports. 

Amitabh, who is busy spending the New Year with his family, shared his experience of a Jet Ski adventure with his grandchildren. The 71-year-old has three grandchildren - Agastya, Navya Naveli and Aaradhya. 

"The Panama...the sea...and after getting beat on Jet Ski by grandchildren," Amitabh posted on the microblogging site Tuesday. 

Shah Rukh Khan, who enjoys playing a video game version of FIFA invited Amitabh for a friendly game as he is tired of being "beaten at all games" by his kids. 

"Sir, take out time tomorrow (Wednesday)...let's do a little FIFA...I am also tired of being beaten at all games by kids since last few days," SRK posted on Twitter Tuesday. 

SRK, who is married to Gauri Khan, has son Aryan, daughter Suhana and surrogate son AbRam.

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Entertainment roundup: 2013 the year that was

2013 has been an eventfull year for the entertainment industry whether it be for our own Bollywood or all the way to Hollywood. From Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan hug to Miley Cyrus turning all wacky, from Ranbir-Katrina's trip to Ibiza to Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, the year was full of such events. We take a look at a few controversies, celebs, films and all things that made 2013 the year that it was. 

The blockbuster 2013 

This year has been a blockbuster year for Bollywood. While 8 films entered Rs.100 crore club this year and 3 amongst them made it to Rs.200 crore club. It was a record breaking year, Chennai Express became the biggest grosser of all time leaving behind 3 Idiots, but soon Krrish 3 was the one to mint maximum money and then came the Hurricane Dhoom 3 which is still going strong. Adult film like Grand Masti also made it to Rs.100 crore club. 

Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan hug 

It was a Kodak moment for Bollywood, infact for India when Bollywood's arch rival superstars hugged each other and apparently patched up. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who had fallen out over some unknown issue during Katrina Kaif's birthday party five years back, hugged each other at the Iftar party hosted by Congress leader Baba Siddique in Mumbai on July 21. But the question was is that hug really a patch-up or was just a compulsion out of courtesy. And soon the answer was clear for world to see, both the stars on separate occasion made it clear that they can never be friends again. Sigh! 

Miley Cyrus and her wacky antics 

This year was clearly of pop sensation Miley Cyrus, who shook off that Disney princess image and became the pop phenomenon. She started making news in 2012 after she chopped her hair and in 2013 the series of Miley's antics started with the infamous appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Dressed in a bear-inspired leotard, Miley not only stripped down to latex lingerie, she also gyrated, showed the middle finger, and stuck out her tongue (a lot) and twerked with Robin Thicke. Then came the video of her music video Wrecking Ball. Miley wore just her favourite boots and climbed atop a wrecking ball. She also licked a sledgehammer. If that was not all she also smoked weed at MTV EMAs. Apart from all these antics, sticking out her toungue, twerking, spanking became a regular part of her performances throughout the year. Well, all her moves paid off as she became the most searched celebrity of the year and her singles Wrecking Ball and Bangerz did extremly well. Lets see how she will shock or surprise us on 2013. 

Ranbir-Katrina's trip to Spain 

Their relationship was a secret that everybody knew but was still under the wrap till the pictures of Katrina in a white and red bikini and Ranbir in a pair of bermuda holidaying together on a beach in Ibiza went viral. Later, Katrina wrote an open letter to the media stating that she felt upset, distressed and this was an invasion of her privacy. But after that the couple became a little less and were spotted together many times in parties, movie dates etc. 

Clebrities breakup 

The year 2013 saw a number of relationships coming to its end. The most shocking was Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan's seperation. The two couples decided to part ways and instead of allowing nasty speculation about their relationships, they chose to make dignified announcements. Hrithik Roshan sent out a statement to all the media houses about how his wife Sussane and he have mutually decided to part ways; pleading for "some privacy". 

Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap too officially announced about their seperation. "We are not filing for divorce, we are taking time off from each other to sort our issues," she announced. 

Among Hollywood celebs the most prominent splits were of Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth. Selena Gomez confirmed her split from Justin Bieber to friends at the Golden Globes this year. Miley and Liam finally called their relationship off after being engaged for a year in September. 

It was long rumoured, but Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom parted ways in October officially. Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton ended their five year on-off romance in July this year. 

On and off couple Rihanna and Chris Brown finally parted ways in April. According to reports the split was Rihanna's choice, as the 25-year-old singer wanted to focus on her business and career opportunities. Rihanna had given Brown, 23, a second chance despite fears among fans that he could mistreat her again after he battered her in a pre-Grammy row in 2009. 

Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy 

In an op-ed in the New York Times, Angelina Jolie revealed about the preventive double mastectomy she had undergone. Her decision to go public about her medical treatment was brave, bold and appreciated by everyone. Angelina Jolie was talked and wrote about a loty for her decision to go public with her medical decisions and to create awareness among women. 

Sanjay Dutt behind bars 

Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case in May this year. Sanjay had already spent 18 months behind bars and was ordered to surrender within four weeks to serve the remaining sentence. Dutt is currently out on parole as her wife Manyata Dutt has a tumour in her liver. Dutt was granted parole earlier also on medical grounds for himself.

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