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Saturday, 21 December 2013

2013 K End Men Ap Apne Friends Sai Kya Kehna Chahenge???

Comment Zaroor Dain Or Hamara Page like karain Shukria 
Photo: frndz 2013 ke and me ap apne dostoo se kia kehna chahe ge??????????

Harry Potter to be stage show

Harry Potter to be stage show


After selling over 400 million copies of the seven-part book series "Harry Potter" worldwide and inspiring eight film adaptations of the popular novels, author J.K. Rowling is reportedly set to co-produce a stage show of the series in London's West End. 

The writer, along with prominent theatre producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender, are collaborating on a production which will tell the "previously untold story of Harry Potter's early years as an orphan and outcast", reports Unomatchc.com, Read More Harry Potter to be stage show...

Dhoom 3 Review Roundup: Aamir Khan Gives Christopher Nolan's Prestige a Bollywood Treatment

Dhoom 3 Review Roundup: Aamir Khan Gives Christopher Nolan's Prestige a Bollywood Treatment



Is Aamir Khan in awe of Hollywood director Christopher Nolan? Khan's latest film, the much awaited Dhoom 3 seems to be a dumbed-down version of Nolan's 2006 hit, The Prestige. 
Throughout the film, Khan uses a Joker sign as part of his identity (seems inspired from one of Nolan's most successful films) and if one were to look back a little, One of Aamir Khan's earlier films, Ghajini, was loosely inspired by Nolan's groundbreaking Memento. 
The third instalment in the Dhoom film series has Khan playing the anti-hero as a follow-up to John Abraham in Dhoom 1 and Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. 


According to Anupama Chopra's review in The Hindustan Times, the film kicks off with a superb action sequence, but them gets bogged down by a ridiculous backstory. 
Iqbal (Jackie Shroff), a magician and modern circus owner, has a huge debt from a popular American bank, Western Chicago Bank, in the 1990s. After his only dream The Great Indian Circus is broken, Iqbal commits suicide. Aamir Khan, who plays his son Sahir, decides to avenge his father's death by making sure that the bank closes down due to repeated robberies. What follows is a tricky and slick cop-thief drama involving Khan and the series regulars, righteous cops played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, reports Zee news. 



Aside from some genuinely cool moments like Aamir's getaway on a Chicago waterfront or the climax staged on a dam, Dhoom 3,, Read More  Aamir Khan Gives Christopher Nolan's Prestige a Bollywood


Abbottabad /əˈbɒtəbɑːd/ (Urdu, Hindko: ایبٹ آباد Ābṭ ābād [aːbʈaːˈbaːd̪]) is a city located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in northeastern Pakistan. The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 110 kilometres (68 mi) north of the capital Islamabad, 130 kilometres (81 mi) from Rawalpindi and 150 kilometres (93 mi) northeast of Peshawar at an altitude of 1,260 metres (4,134 ft) and is the capital of the Abbottabad District. Kashmir lies to the east of the city. The city is well known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high-standard educational institutions and military establishments. It remains a popular hill station attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. 

  Read More Full Biography And Like Abbottabad Official Page Abbottabad