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Monday, 10 November 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games cake wins gold

A woman has won a gold award at national baking competition by entering a life-sized Jennifer Lawrence cake. 

Lara Clarke, from Walsall, won the award at the Cake International contest with her 5ft 10in (1.7m) creation, inspired by the Hunger Games star. 

Ms Clarke previously triumphed at the contest with a life-sized Johnny Depp cake, which made headlines around the world. 

She said she found her second consecutive success "hugely exciting". 

150 eggs 
Ms Clarke also won silver in the large decorative exhibit section at the competition, with a cake based on her favourite Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister. 

She spent two-and-a-half months working on the cakes ahead of the competition at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre, 

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Jennifer Lopez says entourage may have killed her relationships

Jennifer Lopez has admitted that her high-maintenance ways might have impacted her many relationships. 
The singer says her high-profile relationships with Ben Affleck and then with Marc Anthony may have ended, in part, due to the huge number of extra helpers in the house. 
J-Lo spoke to Hoda Kotb about her book True Love at a launch event in New York last week. 

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Nicole Kidman let something slip out at the CMAs

Nicole Kidman has never been the sort to let a little nudity or a lot of nudity, as the case may be, get in the way of her pursuit of art, or whatever. Still, I gotta wonder how much purposeful attention goes into showing off your nipples in a see thru dress to the whole of the country music listening world, as she did the other night at the CMAs. Now, you know damn well that as soon as Nicole slipped into this sheer number before setting out that night, it was fully obvious to everyone that those embroidered flowers were doing a piss poor job of covering up her naughty bits. So either Nicole is somehow remarkably oblivious to obvious details, or she was giving all the viewers at home a nip slip on purpose. 

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Miranda Kerr is a sexy fifty shades of bronze for Sure Magazine

Never before has the title of a magazine been the exact response from a woman after I've just asked her if I could have long, passionate sex with her. Sure. That's the title of the magazine that managed to convince Miranda Kerr to look sexy as always for. One of the cooler little things about this particular photoshoot is the brown color scheme of it. Brown sounds kind of shitty, doesn't it? I probably should've said bronze. Yeah, that's it. That slick, bronze tan that's so associated with beach babes, Miranda is rocking here. With her luscious brunette hair, beige clothing and background and caramel skin, this is just one sexy brown picture. Sorry, bronze. 

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It's more than Angelina Jolie's sex appeal that made her Woman of the Year

I think it's pretty easy to say that goddess Angelina Jolie has been through a lot of shit, kicked that shit right in the butt and has made a pretty excellent life for herself. That could include getting married to Brad Pitt, having a ridiculous amount of children whom she helped find a better life, directing a few films and so on. The fact that she was so exceptionally gorgeous when I was a kid and still carries that elegant beauty with herself to this day is all pretty impressive. I suppose that's why Vanity Fair decided to make Angelina their 2014 Woman of the Year. It makes sense and with the accompanying photoshoot of her dressed in all white, it's easy to see their reasoning. 

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Sara Malakul Lane topless in the desert is even hotter than you think

I know I'm not alone in saying, "Oh, my God. I absolutely love this woman. I don't think any woman can come to my mind immediately that exudes this much sex and those freckles and that body and that face and those breasts and that ass and that entire figure she's rocking are the things of legend." I know I'm not the only one thinking that. Anyway, newfound hottie Sara Malkul Lane has finally and rightfully made her way to MovieHotties not too long ago and I'm glad she's made herself at home here. 

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