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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Kelly Brook works out with her ass out

Kelly Brook works out !!!!!!

I realize it might upset you that Kelly Brook was seen hand-in-hand with this guy the other day. I don't recommend fighting him for her hand though. Dude's name is David McIntosh and he's apparently some kind of bodybuilding gladiator or something or other. Whatever he does, he's clearly not the sort to be messed with, as you can see from the pictures I was unable to crop him out of so that we could concentrate on Kelly's ass in those tights. Actually, it's just speculation at this point that Kelly is dating this guy. It seems like every passing week brings someone new around for the press to assume is Kelly's new beau. Personally, I think Kelly is simply keen on bringing dudes back to her place to bang. For some reason society gives that sort of thing a frown when it's a woman engaged in it, yet says nothing when it's a dude. Seems like an unfair double standard. Kelly's a powerful sexy creature. She always has been. She likes to exude it and she likes to indulge in it. Read More ....

Hot or Not: Angelique Cabral

 Angelique Cabral !!!!

Fox has not exactly been excelling at producing the best television shows in the recent "American Idol: Now showing 15 times per week!" years. Hell, I don't even really know how to process the fact that the Star Search of the 2000's is still on the air without a single original judge. But with original programming like "Enlisted" finally garnering the network some decent ratings, it might be a good chance to take a look at the babe meat they've got going on in the show (which should have just been the second season Read More....

Super hot MILF Jaimie Pressly is driving me nuts

Super hot MILF Jaimie Pressly 

Hot damn! Here's Jaime Pressly at the the premiere of THE NUT JOB. I didn't even know she was starring in that. Maybe I'll just have to go see it for myself just for another glimpse at those- Oh, wait. It's animated? Dammit. Well, there's always her voice that I can listen to, I suppose. Anyway, I always knew this lady had curves, but maybe it's just been a while since I've seen them in all their glory Read More...

Kate Upton shows us why she can't keep her clothes on

Kate Upton shows 

Remember just a few days when we ran this little story? V Magazine put an "undress" feature on their magazine and Kate Upton and boobs and awesome hotness and blah, blah, blah. Well, we've finally been given a chance to look inside the magazine's pages and what's been found behing this glorious cover is…even more glorious. I've always been a huge Upton fan because she's really attractive and hot and..yeah, no, that's about it. I've been calling her incessantly telling her that if she gave me the chance,Read More...